a) Customers may choose to pay us via PayPal or pay by direct debit, credit card, advance payment via Paypal services, or other payment methods. We reserve the right to limit the method of payment chosen by the customer depending on order value, shipment destination, or other objective criteria.

(b) If the customer selects a payment method or provides payment information that makes it impossible or impractical for us receive payment (for example, the customer’s account lacks sufficient funds, or the customer provided incorrect payment information) through no fault of own, the customer agrees that we may add an additional charge to the order to recoup costs associated with the processing or attempting to process the impossible or impractical transaction.

(c) We may sub-contract third parties to process payment.

(d) If the customer fails to pay, we may assign its claims to a debt collection agency and transfer the personal data required for collecting payment to these third parties